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Amber room of the Catherine Palace – the eighth wonder of the world

The Amber Room is the pearl of the Catherine Palace and one of the most famous interiors created in the 18th century.

Amber Room was a unique piece of art from amber, which was called the eighth wonder of the world.

☞   In 1701, the Prussian king, after his coronation, commissioned the Danish carver for amber G. Tussaud to create an amber cabinet in Potsdam. Work lasted 8 years.

Mosaic and carving on amber – magnificent landscapes, figures, flower garlands – were executed with great skill, and to enhance the light effects under the amber slices, sliced ​​silver foil.

  • In 1712,Peter the Great stayed with the king and got acquainted with the Amber Room. Peter the Great admired their beauty of amber panels and did not hide that he wanted to get them. And in 1716 the Prussian king presented it to the Russian Tsar. This was a kind of payment for the security of the eastern borders of Prussia. However, during the life of the emperor, they were not installed, because there was not enough detail.
  • After the death of Peter the Great, under the order of Queen Elizabeth, amber panels were installed in the Third Winter Palace, and then transferred to Tsarskoe Selo. In one of the rooms of the palace, the Amber Room was recreated anew.
  • After the fascists captured Tsarskoye Selo, the Amber Room was inspected and highly appreciated by two German art officers, it was dismantled, packed in boxes and taken to Koenigsberg, where it was mounted in the upper floor of the royal castle and opened for free viewing.
  • When the Russian troops advanced on Koenigsberg, the German command decided to evacuate the Amber Room, it was taken out and hidden. But where? It is still unknown.

☞  The restoration of the masterpiece began in the late 1970s and lasted almost 24 years, for this purpose, 7.85 million dollars was allocated from the Russian budget and 3.5 million dollars was sent to the German concern Ruhrgaz.
It was difficult to reproduce the true color of the fragments in black and white photographs. There was no information about the size of many details. In addition, over time, the color of amber varies. This is especially important when making figures from several pieces carefully selected by color. And, nevertheless, the work to restore the Amber Room has been successfully completed.
In May 2003, the Amber Room, which is often called the eighth wonder of the world, was solemnly opened and visitors saw this unique amber interior.


Mass round dance in St. Petersburg will be arranged on the Palace Square

HolaRussia company invite you to the Mass round dance in St. Petersburg. For the second time, St. Petersburg will be the starting point for a large-scale event “Round Dance of Peace”, which will be held in one hundred cities in Russia on August 15. It is planned that more than 3,000 people will take part in the dance at the Palace Square.
Anyone who wishes can become part of a record event:

  • gender,
  • age,
  • religious preferences,
  • worldviews
  • and other “parameters”

do not matter.

Free admission. Mass round dance in St. Petersburg.

Action Round Dance of Peace – the largest round dance event in the written history of mankind!
Only in St. Petersburg at the main museum of the city of the Hermitage (on the Palace Square) it will be joined by more than three thousand people. The planned number of cities of participants throughout Russia. For today, the following cities have announced their participation:

St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi, Abaza, Astrakhan, Barnaul, Volgodonsk, Vsevolozhsk, Vyborg, Gorno-Altaisk, Zelenogorsk, Kazan, Kirishi, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoufimsk , Nizhnekamsk, Novosibirsk, Orel, Penza, Inskoy, Reftinsky, Rostov-na-Donu, with. Rebrija, Smolensk, Stavropol, Syzran, Syktyvkar, Ufa, Khabarovsk

This beautiful event was held for the first time in 2017 in St. Petersburg in the palace of Quarenghi.

Tens of thousands of people of different nationalities, religions, worldviews, cultures, in different parts of our country and the world, holding hands in dances, will stand out: only after hearing each other and uniting, we will be able to overcome all the difficulties and crises of our time.

The idea of ​​peace will be supported by more than forty communities of different choral currents: the dances of traditions (folklore dances of different peoples of Russia); solar dances of Veronika Gavrilenok school (author’s direction, which will be presented at the Palace Square of St. Petersburg and other cities); round dances of friendship (unite dances of different nationalities and communities of interest).

The story is created here and now!

Chinese palace of Oranienbaum

After the restoration, additional rooms were opened in the Chinese palace of Oranienbaum. This is another reason to invite you on an excursion to this unique museum.

☞ Of all the palace ensembles of St. Petersburg, only Oranienbaum remained untouched during the Second World War. And this means that the museum demonstrates to us the true decoration of the masters of the 18th century inside their halls.

  • A unique collection of parquets,
  • a fancy stucco in the style of rococo,
  • bright drawings of tapestries,
  • amazing beauty of the chandelier

– all the beauty of this museum you want to keep in memory in details. Catherine the Great conceived this small palace specifically for their entertainment. And it turned out great!

☞  The Chinese Palace is open only from May to September. And in the rain the palace closes. But, if you book the tour in advance, then your visit will necessarily take place.


FIFA World Cup 2018 in Saint Petersburg

Today the FIFA World Cup 2018 begins! It is held for the first time in Russia and will last until July 15. Many Russian cities are honored to host eminent teams at their stadiums. And Saint Petersburg is no exception! And how without the cultural capital of Russia on this holiday ?!

What St. Petersburg prepared for the FIFA World Cup 2018:

  •  A new stadium on the Krestovsky Island “St. Petersburg Arena”
  • A special service for the city’s guests, which will help you to navigate “I know the city”: young people in uniform in different places in the city will prompt you , if you get lost
  • Fan Zone in Konyushennaya Square: a large screen with live broadcasts of all matches, concerts, entertainment and games for children and adults, invited football stars, artists and contests.

And, of course, no one canceled the many different festivals and interesting events that these days are in St. Petersburg:

  • Festival of football fans in Lenexpo,
  • Baltic Sea Festival in the Neva,
  • open-air concerts Music of the Summer Garden,
  • beautiful Festival “Imperial Gardens of Russia” in the Summer Garden,
  • Festival of sand sculptures on the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress,
  • Emblematic event of St Petersburg Alye Parusa (“Scarlet Sails”)
  • Sunday concerts of carillon music at the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

☞ And, always topical private excursions in St. Petersburg: the best local guides, the most interesting sights and the main museums of St. Petersburg will leave the best impressions and vivid memories from your tour to St. Petersburg. (Photo olegeverzov)


Fireworks on Victory Day

For St. Petersburg, so many suffered during the blockade, Victory Day is a special holiday, which is celebrated every year in the Northern Capital.  The May 9, 1945 salute marked the long-awaited victory in the Great Patriotic War.  Since then, every year, we pay tribute to those who defended our lives.  Hundreds of fires scatter in the sky 30 nominal volleys, forming an amazing extravaganza.

Where can we see the fireworks on May 9?

The most gorgeous views unambiguously open on the salute from the side of the ship on May 9.  After all, it is launched from the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress.  Therefore, watching the salute on the motor ship on May 9, 2018, you can feel the thunder of artillery pieces and see the volleys bursting in the sky right above your head.  And it is the one-deck motor ship that can approach the very center of the Neva water area, from where the best view opens up.  Viewing victory salute from the ship will give you the most vivid impressions.  All this will be accompanied by beautiful music from the embankments of the Neva and a story about the appointment of each of salutes salutes.  We recommend for the fireworks on May 9 from the ship to book tickets in advance by writing to us.  There is no places for day to day.

(Foto Yurshin Evgeny)


Interesting facts about the Palace Square

 The main square of St. Petersburg Palace Square

Its architectural ensemble arose in the second half of the XVIII – the first half of the XIX century. The square is one of the most attractive places of the Northern capital and it is visited by every guest of our city. We will acquaint you with unknown, strange and interesting facts connected with the main square of the city on the Neva.

  1.  The largest area of ​​Russia. Many believe that the largest square in Russia is the capital’s Red Square, but this is not so – the St. Petersburg Palace square reaches 5 hectares, in this parameter easily surpassing the Red. By the way, the largest area of ​​the country is still the Kuibyshev square in Samara, which reaches a size of 17.4 hectares.
  2. Meadow in the heart of the Northern capital. Originally the Palace square was of a completely different name and was a real pure field. At the beginning of the XVIII century on this place was a meadow, overgrown with thick grass, which was called the Admiralty. Here, they organized the most ambitious festivities and merry holidays. However, today, looking at the square, dressed in granite and framed by a delightful architectural ensemble, it is difficult even to imagine that here was one of the huge green areas of the city.
  3. Live chess. On the Palace Square in the distant 1924, a very unique game of chess, famous throughout the world, took place. It is noteworthy that the giant board for the game served as the main square of the Northern capital, and as figures were soldiers of the Red Army (white) and the Navy (black). For a huge board “sat” and led the game well-known domestic grandmasters – Ilya Rabinovich and Peter Romanovsky. By the way, the game was watched by 5,000 Petersburgers. The reconstruction of the historical game took place on July 20, 2014. And in 2015, Palace square was shown the “Victory Party”, which demonstrates the confrontation between the Red Army and the Third Reich.
  4. Military Palace airfield. During the Great Patriotic War, the primary task was to protect from the enemy. And many historical buildings changed their functions. For example, Palace square wanted to turn into a real military airfield, because open spaces allow. The Alexander Column was thought to be moved, and the Admiralty Garden was cut down. But this did not happen – soon after the idea of ​​creating a strategic military site on the square was abandoned.
  5. Treasure in the square. During the restoration of the Palace Square in 2001, archaeological research was carried out. As a result of the excavations, the foundations of the wing of Anna Ioanovna were found. The outbuilding was built after the death of Anna Ioannovna by the order of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. The project of the wing was occupied by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli himself. One of the finds was a section of an old collector, and scientists also found fragments of tiles, pottery and smoking pipes on Palace Square. Find the right, studied, and then buried, to this day, the foundation is languishing under the earth.
  6. The warmest place in the city. It is believed that Nevsky Prospect is the warmest part of St. Petersburg in the winter – it is proved that the temperature difference with the suburbs here is 10-12 degrees, naturally, in favor of the center. It’s getting warm to the Palace Square, so you can even warm up a little on a frosty day.
  7. Concert platform in the open air. For many years we are accustomed to seeing the famous artists and musicians on Palace Square – many of them managed to perform on the square, from Madonna to Paul McCartney. All the biggest holidays here are grandiose concerts. It began a long time ago.

However, one of the most interesting performances was a military play, which was staged on November 7, 1920: 6,000 artists performed some scenes of the October Revolution of 1917.


The Museum of Railways of Russia free of charge

The Museum of Railways of Russia can be visited free of charge until January 11.

Walking through hundreds of locomotives and locomotives, viewing them near, from above and even in a section, you can feel like a machinist, climbing into the cabin of one of the rare exhibits, and see how a real rotary circle with a locomotive On him.

The new Russian Railways Museum is undoubtedly the ideal place for all those who are infinitely in love with locomotives, they feel the thrill before the trips to the clatter of wheels. But still a new exhibition site will be interesting not only to an enthusiastic person – it will instill love for trains for any visitor. First of all, because the new Russian Railway Museum, opened near the Baltic station, is the rare case when Petersburg overtook Moscow, creating the largest thematic exposition in the country with a large share of the interactive.

On an area of ​​more than 57 thousand square meters, the townspeople are shown 28 thousand exhibits, 117 of them are locomotives and wagons. They are exhibited on the street and under the roof of a multi-level complex. To the restored trains it is possible to approach closely, to consider every detail. You can climb to a special area and learn the technique in all its glory. For those who want to know how everything is arranged, next to the trains are installed multimedia frames – this is a kind of “X-ray”, which will allow us to study the mechanism in a section. Moreover, a touch screen is attached to each exhibit, where you can find interesting information, and in some places – special films.

The uniqueness of the exposition is added by the working turntable. It is located right inside the museum, on its tracks the steam locomotive rotates.

Among the special exhibits: the only surviving in the world steam locomotive of the C-series is the C-68 steam locomotive; artillery mount TM-3-12 – a unique super-heavy railway artillery system with guns from the sunken battleship “Empress Maria”; the first in the history of Russia split layout, built on the basis of the operating locomotive of the E-791-81; service car of the Sino-East Railway – pre-revolutionary car with a completely authentic unique interior; as well as a unique mobile “Nuclear Shield” – a world-class combat railway missile complex with a ballistic missile dummy. The museum has the most recent passenger locomotive, released in the USSR, P36-0251.

In the locomotive of CO you can stay inside the driver’s place. In the museum, everyone can try to manage the composition. For this purpose, a simulator of the real cab of the train is specially created, where a special atmosphere is created by backgrounds outside the window – these are real views from the composition window created using 3D graphics.

  • Address: Libraries Lane, 4
  • Time: Wed-Sun: from 10:30 to 18:00
  • Entrance: until the end of the year – free of charge, from January – from 50 to 300 rubles

January 7, 2018: festivities in the Peter and Paul Fortress

Festive festivities in the Peter and Paul Fortress

January 7, 2018 at 11:00

Every year in the Peter and Paul Fortress there are folk festivities. The program of the event includes songs, dances, games and other traditional amusements. This time, Christmas will be celebrated on a grand scale. The program is designed for a family audience, so expect a lot of exciting children’s activities. Children and adults will be taught how to weave Christmas wreaths, painting gingerbread, preparing traditional festive dishes. There will be performances of folklore ensembles and theater companies. In addition, an exhibition of ice sculptures Ice Fantasy will open on the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortres, where you can enjoy the sights of Peter in miniature, the heroes of Russian fairy tales and cartoons.

Address: Peter and Paul Fortress