Cruiser Aurora in St. Petersburg


Cruiser Aurora in St. Petersburg

Cruiser Aurora in St. Petersburg: opening hours, address, admission, excursions

Opening hours:

 Su, We, Th, Fr, Sa 11:00-18:00
Mo, Tu closed

Sale of tickets finishes 1/2 hour before closing time.


Petrogradskaya Embankment, St. Petersburg, Russia


Ploschad Lenina


  • Adults: – 600 RUR
  • Students: – 400 RUR
  • Children under 16: – 400 RUR

Guided tour for individuals to the Сruiser Aurora

Avrora walking tour
Private thematic tour “Saint Petersburg the city of three revolutions” & the Cruiser Aurora

Cruiser Aurora in St. Petersburg – what tourists need to know.

Why does the Cruiser Aurora attract tourists?

It was the Cruiser Aurora who informed people about the October Revolution in 1917 with a blank shot.  This is the most famous ship-museum in the whole world. It is not just a museum ship, it is one of the symbols of the city of St. Petersburg.  whose history began in 1900.  Before the events of 1917, the cruiser participated in the Russo-Japanese War and in the autumn of 1917, it was in St. Petersburg quite by accident: it came for repairs.

What’s interesting to see on the Cruiser Aurora?

On the Cruiser Aurora you can get acquainted not only with the history of the October Revolution, but also with the history of the Russian Navy.  The deck on the cruiser is completely restored from the original and is made of teak wood.  Another interesting thing is to look into the medical block of the museum on the cruiser Aurora.  Saint Petersburg Russia shore excursions are important to take place with a professional guide who will acquaint you with the history with an exciting side.

Very exciting excursions for you can be:

✓Development of the Russian naval technology of the 20th century.
✓The history of the museum, in which facts are collected for 100 years of the existence of the cruiser.
✓Radio station, military artillery of the Cruiser Aurora and battle felling.

What difficulties can you encounter when visiting the Cruiser Aurora in St. Petersburg?

The main problem of the museum is a very large queue due to:

  • the relatively small cruiser capacity;
  • great popularity among tourists;
  • Aurora was under repair for a couple of years, and she was not in town.

Only in 2016, she returned, and opened the door for visitors.  Therefore, the last time a very large influx of people wishing to visit this museum.

Life hacks for visitors to the cruiser:

☞ A bright history of the Cruiser Aurora you can find out if your visit to the museum will be accompanied by a guide in the city of St. Petersburg.  You can learn more about other Russian shore excursions in St. Petersburg, which are carried out by our company Holarussia, here.

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