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Excursiones privadas en San Petersburgo – Las fuentes de Peterhof

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Schedule: from May to November Daily 10:00 am — 18:00 pm;
Duration: 4 hours
Inclusions: Local guide (English/French| Italian/Spanish), transport & hotel pickup and drop-off, entrance tickets
No hidden fees – price includes all taxes.
Optional: Cruise Port pickup and drop-off, electro car in the park  
Cancellation: free of charge 4 days prior to your tour.

Dear guest, all the fountains of Peterhof are closed for winter till 28 of April 2018
Prices valid from 15.04.2018 to 25.10.2018


The Holarussia company invite you to one of the best St. Petersburg private excursions to the fountains of Peterhof.

Saint-Petersburg being the capital of the Russian empire is famous for its palace and park ensembles. Several country residences are located not far from the city. One of them is called Peterhof (“Peter’s courtyard” from German). All Russian St. Petersburg private excursions customarily visit Peterhof. This tsar’s residence was built by Peter the Great on the coast of the Gulf of Finland as a Russian Versaille. In those days fountains were called water-cannons.

☞ So the first water cannons and the water-supplying engineering system were constructed in 1723. It is in the summer of 1723 that the “Peter’s courtyard” in Peterhof was inaugurated.

The trip from St. Petersburg to this country residence takes about 40 minutes. This is however the route that the emperors and their court took to go to Peterhof. During the way of the St. Petersburg private excursion the guide will tell an entertaining waypoint tour about the history of the city locations that we shall pass by.

During our St. Petersburg private shore excursions to the fountains of Peterhof we shall visit:

  1. The Upper Garden
  2. The Lower Park.

The vast territory of the park stretches out for about 15 hectares of the upper and more than 100 hectares of the lower part. Beautiful flower beds are spread out in long lines leading to the coolness of multiple alleys of trees in all directions. But of course the fountains play the leading role that made this country residence this popular and well-known around the world. St. Petersburg private cruise excursions to Peterhof allow you to discover this gem of the St. Petersburg countryside.

✓ There are 5 fountains in the Upper Garden. In the rectangular pond there are nymphs surrounded by sirens and dolphins. Here and there the mouths of dragons come out of water and water jets spurt out of them.

These several fountains welcome the visitors entering the park and are a mere hint on the richness and multitude of the water jets of all shapes, sizes and varieties awaiting the visitors in the Lower Park.

The Lower Park is dominated by the most interesting sculpture fountain-the Samson slaying the dragon that is included in all St. Petersburg travel guides:
  • The Samson is tearing apart the jaw of a lion and a giant water jet spurts out of it to the height of more than 20 meters
  • Above the Samson The Grand Cascade of fountains is situated up the hill as a staircase of fountains on the left and right side towards the Grand palace of Peterhof
  • All sculptures of the Grand cascade as well as the Samson are gilded. Due to their bright color and shine, a multitude of water-jets of different sizes, variety of statues and décor elements together create a stunning front view even when the skies are gray.

Altogether about 150 fountains are situated on the 150 hectares territory of the Lower Park. In course of our St. Petersburg private excursions to the fountains of Peterhof we shall not see all of them but we shall visit the most remarkable and memorable. One of them is the openwork fountain The Pyramid which is hiding in the eastern part of the park and is not easy to find on your own.

During the St. Petersburg private excursion to the fountains of Peterhof we shall encounter:

  1. The Roman fountains
  2. The splendid Lion Cascade
  3. The alley of fountains stretching along the canal from the Samson to the Gulf of Finland will not be skipped either.

☞ And there comes the specialty of Peterhof — the trick fountains! These are adored by the kids, but on a warm day rare adult shall refuse to be splashed by a trick fountain.

The St. Petersburg private excursion of the Peterhof fountain park is rest in the countryside, walks along the hundred years’ old alleys, it is a feast for the eyes made of water splashes and gilded sculptures. Of course there are benches and cafes here where you can rest and have a cup of tea.

To feel comfortable, please:
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Choose suitable clothes according to the weather

Take along your good spirit and your camera! And have a relaxing trip!