Chinese palace of Oranienbaum


Chinese palace of Oranienbaum

After the restoration, additional rooms were opened in the Chinese palace of Oranienbaum. This is another reason to invite you on an excursion to this unique museum.

☞ Of all the palace ensembles of St. Petersburg, only Oranienbaum remained untouched during the Second World War. And this means that the museum demonstrates to us the true decoration of the masters of the 18th century inside their halls.

  • A unique collection of parquets,
  • a fancy stucco in the style of rococo,
  • bright drawings of tapestries,
  • amazing beauty of the chandelier

– all the beauty of this museum you want to keep in memory in details. Catherine the Great conceived this small palace specifically for their entertainment. And it turned out great!

☞  The Chinese Palace is open only from May to September. And in the rain the palace closes. But, if you book the tour in advance, then your visit will necessarily take place.

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