Fireworks on Victory Day


Fireworks on Victory Day

For St. Petersburg, so many suffered during the blockade, Victory Day is a special holiday, which is celebrated every year in the Northern Capital.  The May 9, 1945 salute marked the long-awaited victory in the Great Patriotic War.  Since then, every year, we pay tribute to those who defended our lives.  Hundreds of fires scatter in the sky 30 nominal volleys, forming an amazing extravaganza.

Where can we see the fireworks on May 9?

The most gorgeous views unambiguously open on the salute from the side of the ship on May 9.  After all, it is launched from the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress.  Therefore, watching the salute on the motor ship on May 9, 2018, you can feel the thunder of artillery pieces and see the volleys bursting in the sky right above your head.  And it is the one-deck motor ship that can approach the very center of the Neva water area, from where the best view opens up.  Viewing victory salute from the ship will give you the most vivid impressions.  All this will be accompanied by beautiful music from the embankments of the Neva and a story about the appointment of each of salutes salutes.  We recommend for the fireworks on May 9 from the ship to book tickets in advance by writing to us.  There is no places for day to day.

(Foto Yurshin Evgeny)

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