Visa to Russia


Cruise passengers, clients of HolaRussia ordering St. Petersburg shore excursions and tours, do not need a visa to get off the ship in St. Petersburg.

According to the Russian legislation the tourists arriving to St. Petersburg on cruise ships can only stay in Russia for 72 hours without a visa. Staying on the ship overnight is a must. To pass through the customs at the exit of the ship the passengers need to present the tour ticket that we send our customers by email. The tour ticket is the substitute for the visa for the cruise passengers at the immigration control. Hence at the customs in the port of St. Petersburg you present only:

  1. Your foreign passport
  2. HolaRussia tour ticket.

Our tourists receive the tour ticket with the confirmation of the booking of the tour or Russia tours’ excursions once the services were fully booked and confirmed by the HolaRussia company.

To draw up a tour ticket that serves as a substitute of a Russian visa for cruise passengers ONLY full information about EACH participant of an excursion or a tour is required: name and last name as it is written in the passport, number of the foreign passport, citizenship and date of birth.


(for foreign citizens that come to St. Petersburg by plane, by train, by car, by bus)

For a single or multi entry to Russia for up to 30 days foreign citizens need to obtain a Russian visa.

The Russian visa is provided by the Russian consulate at the place of your residence. To apply for a Russian visa for St. Petersburg excursions you need an invitation (sometimes also referred to as visa support). HolaRussia offers visa invitation services to Russia for the citizens of the states not included in the Immigration Risk list.

To draw up an invitation you need to fill out a special form and to file a scan of the main page of the foreign passport. To plan your tourist trip to Russia it is important to pay attention to the expiry date of your passport. Your passport should be valid six months after the date of expiry of your visa. The invitation is sent out only after the payment is made IN FULL.

The foreign citizens will obtain a special immigration card at the Russian immigration control. This is an important document that you should keep until the end of your trip: a Russian registration stamp must be put there within three days after the arrival and the Russian immigration control will require this card at the exit of the country.

Upon arrival to St. Petersburg foreign citizens must register their visa within three days in a hotel or at the address of the private person you are visiting.

If serious circumstances require that a foreign visitor prolongs his stay in Russia, the visa can be extended, but the necessary confirmation documents should be submitted.