Interesting facts about the Palace Square


Interesting facts about the Palace Square

 The main square of St. Petersburg Palace Square

Its architectural ensemble arose in the second half of the XVIII – the first half of the XIX century. The square is one of the most attractive places of the Northern capital and it is visited by every guest of our city. We will acquaint you with unknown, strange and interesting facts connected with the main square of the city on the Neva.

  1.  The largest area of ​​Russia. Many believe that the largest square in Russia is the capital’s Red Square, but this is not so – the St. Petersburg Palace square reaches 5 hectares, in this parameter easily surpassing the Red. By the way, the largest area of ​​the country is still the Kuibyshev square in Samara, which reaches a size of 17.4 hectares.
  2. Meadow in the heart of the Northern capital. Originally the Palace square was of a completely different name and was a real pure field. At the beginning of the XVIII century on this place was a meadow, overgrown with thick grass, which was called the Admiralty. Here, they organized the most ambitious festivities and merry holidays. However, today, looking at the square, dressed in granite and framed by a delightful architectural ensemble, it is difficult even to imagine that here was one of the huge green areas of the city.
  3. Live chess. On the Palace Square in the distant 1924, a very unique game of chess, famous throughout the world, took place. It is noteworthy that the giant board for the game served as the main square of the Northern capital, and as figures were soldiers of the Red Army (white) and the Navy (black). For a huge board “sat” and led the game well-known domestic grandmasters – Ilya Rabinovich and Peter Romanovsky. By the way, the game was watched by 5,000 Petersburgers. The reconstruction of the historical game took place on July 20, 2014. And in 2015, Palace square was shown the “Victory Party”, which demonstrates the confrontation between the Red Army and the Third Reich.
  4. Military Palace airfield. During the Great Patriotic War, the primary task was to protect from the enemy. And many historical buildings changed their functions. For example, Palace square wanted to turn into a real military airfield, because open spaces allow. The Alexander Column was thought to be moved, and the Admiralty Garden was cut down. But this did not happen – soon after the idea of ​​creating a strategic military site on the square was abandoned.
  5. Treasure in the square. During the restoration of the Palace Square in 2001, archaeological research was carried out. As a result of the excavations, the foundations of the wing of Anna Ioanovna were found. The outbuilding was built after the death of Anna Ioannovna by the order of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. The project of the wing was occupied by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli himself. One of the finds was a section of an old collector, and scientists also found fragments of tiles, pottery and smoking pipes on Palace Square. Find the right, studied, and then buried, to this day, the foundation is languishing under the earth.
  6. The warmest place in the city. It is believed that Nevsky Prospect is the warmest part of St. Petersburg in the winter – it is proved that the temperature difference with the suburbs here is 10-12 degrees, naturally, in favor of the center. It’s getting warm to the Palace Square, so you can even warm up a little on a frosty day.
  7. Concert platform in the open air. For many years we are accustomed to seeing the famous artists and musicians on Palace Square – many of them managed to perform on the square, from Madonna to Paul McCartney. All the biggest holidays here are grandiose concerts. It began a long time ago.

However, one of the most interesting performances was a military play, which was staged on November 7, 1920: 6,000 artists performed some scenes of the October Revolution of 1917.

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