The Museum of Railways of Russia free of charge


The Museum of Railways of Russia free of charge

The Museum of Railways of Russia can be visited free of charge until January 11.

Walking through hundreds of locomotives and locomotives, viewing them near, from above and even in a section, you can feel like a machinist, climbing into the cabin of one of the rare exhibits, and see how a real rotary circle with a locomotive On him.

The new Russian Railways Museum is undoubtedly the ideal place for all those who are infinitely in love with locomotives, they feel the thrill before the trips to the clatter of wheels. But still a new exhibition site will be interesting not only to an enthusiastic person – it will instill love for trains for any visitor. First of all, because the new Russian Railway Museum, opened near the Baltic station, is the rare case when Petersburg overtook Moscow, creating the largest thematic exposition in the country with a large share of the interactive.

On an area of ​​more than 57 thousand square meters, the townspeople are shown 28 thousand exhibits, 117 of them are locomotives and wagons. They are exhibited on the street and under the roof of a multi-level complex. To the restored trains it is possible to approach closely, to consider every detail. You can climb to a special area and learn the technique in all its glory. For those who want to know how everything is arranged, next to the trains are installed multimedia frames – this is a kind of “X-ray”, which will allow us to study the mechanism in a section. Moreover, a touch screen is attached to each exhibit, where you can find interesting information, and in some places – special films.

The uniqueness of the exposition is added by the working turntable. It is located right inside the museum, on its tracks the steam locomotive rotates.

Among the special exhibits: the only surviving in the world steam locomotive of the C-series is the C-68 steam locomotive; artillery mount TM-3-12 – a unique super-heavy railway artillery system with guns from the sunken battleship “Empress Maria”; the first in the history of Russia split layout, built on the basis of the operating locomotive of the E-791-81; service car of the Sino-East Railway – pre-revolutionary car with a completely authentic unique interior; as well as a unique mobile “Nuclear Shield” – a world-class combat railway missile complex with a ballistic missile dummy. The museum has the most recent passenger locomotive, released in the USSR, P36-0251.

In the locomotive of CO you can stay inside the driver’s place. In the museum, everyone can try to manage the composition. For this purpose, a simulator of the real cab of the train is specially created, where a special atmosphere is created by backgrounds outside the window – these are real views from the composition window created using 3D graphics.

  • Address: Libraries Lane, 4
  • Time: Wed-Sun: from 10:30 to 18:00
  • Entrance: until the end of the year – free of charge, from January – from 50 to 300 rubles

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