The information (opening hours, address, admission, excursions) of all branches of the Museum Complex Peterhof

The information (opening hours, address, admission, excursions) of all branches of the Museum Complex Peterhof you can see on the own page of each object.

Main complex of the Peterhof

Upper Garden of Peterhof Catherine Block in Peterhof
Lower Park of Peterhof Bathhouse Block in Peterhof
Grand Peterhof Palace Hermitage Pavilion in Peterhof
Royal Church Museum in Peterhof Marly Palace in Peterhof
Monplaisir Palace in Peterhof Grottoes of the Grand Cascade in Peterhof
Special Treasury in Peterhof Museum of the Fountain Craft in Peterhof
Imperial Yachts Museum in Peterhof Benois Family Museum in Peterhof
Museum of Playing Cards in Peterhof Museum of Art Collectors in Peterhof
Aviaries de Peterhof

Branches of the Museum Complex Peterhof in the buildings that are outstanding

Alexandria Park (Peterhof) Oranienbaum Park (Lomonosov)
Cottage Palace (Alexandria, Peterhof) Grand Menshikov Palace (Oranienbaum, Lomonosov)
Farm Palace (Alexandria, Peterhof) Chinese Palace (Oranienbaum, Lomonosov)
Gothic Chapel (Alexandria, Peterhof) Picture House Museum (Oranienbaum, Lomonosov)
Palace Telegraph Station (Alexandria, Peterhof) Palace of Peter III (Oranienbaum, Lomonosov)
House of Courier Service (Alexandria, Peterhof) Sliding Hill Pavilion (Oranienbaum, Lomonosov)
Olga’s Pavilion (Kolonistsky’s park Islands, Peterhof) Stone Hall Pavilion (Oranienbaum, Lomonosov)
Tsarina’s Pavilion (Kolonistsky’s park Islands, Peterhof) Chinese Kitchen Pavilion (Oranienbaum, Lomonosov)
Peter I’s wooden Palace (Strelna)

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