St Petersburg attractions

St Petersburg attractions

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The interesting places in St Petersburg

What does the interesting places in St Petersburg for tourist? We have prepared a list of the most popular and unusual sights of the city St. Petersburg, Russia. There are a lot of interesting places in St Petersburg: magnificent palaces, museums, gardens, bridges. In good weather, a walk along canals and rivers will be a great pleasure. So, what to see the tourist in St. Petersburg, Russia?

St Petersburg tour in Russia will show you the Nevsky Prospect

St Petersburg tour in Russia will show you a huge number of architectural monuments – the main feature of this beautiful avenue. It passes through the Moika, the Griboedov Canal and the Fontanka River, from it depart Liteiny, Ligovsky, Vladimir and Suvorovsky Prospects.
What interesting places in St. Petersburg can you see here? Gostiny Dvor, the palace and the house of the Stroganoffs, the building of the public library, the Anichkov Palace, the Catholic Church of St. Catherine, the House of Singer, the Armenian Church and other unique buildings. Near the Griboedov Canal, there is a magnificent view – to the left Kazan Cathedral with the burial of Admiral Kutuzov, to the right – the Church of Our Savior on Blood, built on the site of the attempt on Tsar Alexander II. St Petersburg tour in Russia is the best way to see all this wonderful places!

St Petersburg excursion will show you the Palace Square

St Petersburg excursion invites you to interesting places. The Palace Square is the main square of the St Petersburg. There are the Winter Palace, the headquarters of the Guards Corps and the General Staff, the Arc de Triomphe and the Alexander Column. In the Winter you can go to the Palace embankment. The Winter Palace is the former residence of the Romanovs, numbering almost a thousand luxurious rooms. Now the main exposition part of the State Hermitage Museum is located in the building. St Petersburg excursion invites any category of tourists: children, youth, and adults.

Private guide in St Petersburg will show you the Vasilievsky Island

Private guide in St Petersburg invite you to the most interesting places in St. Petersburg. In our opinion, it is the Vasilievsky Island. The arrow of Vasilievsky Island is the place where the Neva River divides into Malaya and Bolshaya. You can easily see the Peter and Paul Fortress, Admiralty, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Winter Palace. There are the building of the Stock Exchange (ex Naval Museum), customs, the famous Rostral columns, houses in classical style and other historical buildings. On the island there is the famous museum of the Kunstkamera (one of the most interesting places in St. Petersburg for children!), the palace of Menshikov, the Academy of Arts, the building of the Twelve Colleges and others. Private guide in St Petersburg invites you to this tour!