St Petersburg excursions

St Petersburg excursions

St Petersburg excursions are varied in the subject.  This can be sightseeing tour with the main attractions or thematic excursions in Saint Petersburg with a visit to the most important Orthodox shrines.  There are more than two hundred museums in the city, so visitors can also visit St. Petersburg museum excursions, such as:

  • excursion to the Hermitage,
  • excursion to the Peter and Paul Fortress,
  • excursion to the Russian Museum,
  • excursion to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and so on …

As an imperial  capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg attracted the most famous artists and architects.  Here one building is more beautiful than the other!  But, of course, pearls for tourists and travelers have become suburban excursions in St. Petersburg.

  1. The fountains of Peterhof and its palaces,
  2. the Amber Room of the Catherine Palace in Pushkin,
  3. the palace and parks of Pavlovsk,
  4. the palace and parks of Gatchina,
  5. the imperial residence in Oranienbaum

– most of the tourists who plan to spend time on St Petersburg excursions, necessarily include the above objects in the program.  We, the company HolaRussia, are pleased to offer you informative, fascinating, interesting St Petersburg excursions, conducted by professional guides with vast experience in any language.  Individual, thematic and even exclusive St Petersburg excursions are held on cars and comfortable buses, on foot, and by water transport.

Sightseeing excursions

Sightseeing tours in St. Petersburg introduce the most famous and important historical places in the city, open the beauties of architectural ensembles and provide an opportunity to see the monuments that everyone has heard: the Bronze Horseman, the Aurora Cruiser, the Winter Palace, the Alexandrinsky Pillar and many others.

Museum excursions

Such museum excursions in St. Petersburg as the Hermitage and the Russian Museum introduce the world-famous masterpieces of painting and sculpture: for example, Madonna and Child with Da Vinci brush and the Ninth Val of Aivazovsky.

Suburban excursions

The palace necklace is often called summer residences, located around St. Petersburg (these are excursions in the countryside in St. Petersburg).  And, despite the fact that the crowned family spent time here only in the summer months, there is something to see and at another time of the year.  Moreover, even city dwellers like to visit St. Petersburg, dedicated to the palace and park ensembles of the suburbs.  In summertime, parks are attracted by their coolness and picturesque landscapes, in winter they sled and sled, skis and skates.  In the territory of the parks there are cozy corners with benches for rest, a cafe where you will be offered hot tea.  If you are interested in suburban excursions in St. Petersburg, it is worth mentioning the different remoteness of these museum complexes from the city: half an hour’s drive from the Moskovskaya metro station are Pushkin and Pavlovsk.  To Gatchina from Moskovskaya metro station to go about one hour.  From metro Avtovo to Peterhof the road will take about thirty minutes, and to Oranienbaum about one hour.  In addition, when planning one of the suburban guided tour in St. Petersburg, do not forget that you will not only have a tour of the museum, but also a walk in the park.  That is, except for the time for the road back and forth, you need to consider that you will spend a little more time in the museum than on St Petersburg excursions in the city.  And it is mandatory for trips to suburban excursions in St Petersburg choose comfortable shoes.

Boat excursions

In information about St Petersburg excursions, one should not miss one of the most favorite entertainment during the navigation period and is popular not only among city guests, but also among the townspeople.  Of course, this is a variety of Boat excursions in St. Petersburg.  It can be a tour along the rivers and canals or a romantic date on the boat, boat excursion along the Neva or a trip through the Gulf of Finland to Peterhof.  There is a lot of water in St Petersburg!  The city stands on the islands (about 40 islands have names) and they are all washed by water.  The largest islands are Vasilievsky Island and Petrogradsky Island.  To get acquainted with the city and learn about its distinctive features in combination with excursions by car help just boat excursions in St. Petersburg.

What are interesting on excursions in St. Petersburg?

The architecture of the city is rich in magnificent palaces and mansions of the eighteenth century.  The city was built in the years of prosperity of the Russian Empire and was conceived by Tsar Peter as a European one. So, do not be surprised when, during an excursion with private guide in St. Petersburg, you will feel the sensation, as if you are somewhere in Europe.  It was built and created by the Italians and Frenchmen, Spaniards and Germans (their names will be mentioned by the guide in the course of a survey or thematic guided tour n in St. Petersburg).  And it’s very funny that even Russian masters had to be equal to the famous European buildings.  This was the case with the Kazan Cathedral: Paul the First ordered to build a cathedral similar to St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome.  During the sightseeing tour in St. Petersburg you will not only discover this story, the most vivid moments from the life of the city will tell your guide.

For about a hundred years, Saint Petersburg was the capital of Russia.  First, under compulsion, and then already at their own volition, the most famous Russian names were drawn here.  Here, palace intrigues and coups took place, the first Russian theater was established here, the cultural life was and remains a bright one.  Perhaps, this is what makes such interesting, different and memorable St Petersburg excursions.

What is our offer?

The list of St Petersburg excursions before you opens a wide choice and can not quite determine for yourself which places in the city you would like to visit for not very long time of your tour and what of St Petersburg excursions it is better to go with a guide, and what to leave for an independent acquaintance.  For this we offer our help: get acquainted with the list and cost of the tour of St. Petersburg and its suburbs on our website and ask your questions to our specialist.  We love our city and will gladly help you with advice and recommendations.  We want to see you in our city more than once and very much count on your admiring reviews about the trip to the cultural capital of Russia on your return to your hometown.  Let all your friends and acquaintances have an irresistible desire to come and see for themselves the beauty and extraordinary romanticism of the city, opened by a guide on a tour of St. Petersburg.

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