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Private tour in St. Petersburg to the Piskarevskoye cemetery

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This page is about Piskarevsky memorial. There are such pages in the history of St. Petersburg that when we mention them we only feel bitterness and pain.

Our Russian tours St. Petersburg special interest tour – the tour dedicated to the Piskarevsky memorial will tell you about the grave history that took place not so long ago, the history whose witnesses are still alive.

✓ For as long as 872 days, the hard days of the siege during the WWII the city was isolated from the outside world, its residents were struggling for their lives and still they invested every single bit of the powers left to preserve the city for the future generations, to keep the monuments, to save the historical rarities from the frequent bombardments and fires.

The St. Petersburg excursions offer you to see the Piskarevskoye cemetery.

☞  More than half a million city residents and city defenders who lost their lives during the war years are buried in this cemetery.

  • It was a mass mortality.
  • It was necessary to bury as fast as possible.
  • Hence more and more mass graves appeared.
  • The memorial hall shows the history of the horrors and deprivations during the siege in the siege photos.

In the postwar years an eternal flame was lit here in the memory of the city residents, of the fearless soldiers-defenders, of the tragedy of St. Petersburg – then Leningrad. An architectural complex consisting of

  1. bas-relieves
  2. sculptures depicting the episodes from the tragic life of the people of Leningrad was also constructed.

We offer to remember the heroes and the perished innocents, to touch upon this part of the history on your visit of St. Petersburg and the Piskarevskoye memorial cemetery.

☞  Your guide of HolaRussia company will tell you about the heroic deed of those who lie there to whom we owe and are grateful for the present day St. Petersburg.