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St. Petersburg excursions – Peterhof (Fountain Park and the Grand Palace)

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Schedule: from May to November Tue/ Wed /Thu/ Fri /Sat /Sun 10:00 am — 18:00 pm; Not available on Monday 
Duration: 5 hours
Inclusions: Local guide (English/French| Italian/Spanish), transport & hotel pickup and drop-off, entrance tickets
No hidden fees – price includes all taxes.
Optional: Cruise Port pickup and drop-off, electro car in the park 
Cancellation: free of charge 7 days prior to your tour.

Dear guest, all the fountains of Peterhof are closed for winter till 28 of April 2018
Prices valid from 15.04.2018 to 25.10.2018


The country tour of the St. Petersburg cruise excursions shall take you to Peterhof where you shall get acquainted with the famous fountain park and visit the Grand Palace of Peterhof.

All that Peter the Great touched upon turned into gold. And the places that the Russian Midas set his eyes upon would eventually become the heritage of the Russian empire. This was the destiny of a nondescript place opposite the island of Kotlin where important defense fortifications were being constructed. Peter the Great was personally supervising the construction and frequented the area around a village of Strelna. It is in this humble area that a dock and an En Route Imperial palace were constructed. Later Peter the Great decided to build a summer residence on this place and the works started in 1714. You can easily guess that this is how the majestic Peterhof now an essential tour of the St. Petersburg cruise excursions came to life.

St. Petersburg cruise excursions to the environs of the city invite you:

  • to visit this charming place
  • to admire this luxurious palace and enjoy the shade of the parks.

Peterhof was inaugurated in 1723. At that  time Peterhof was not attracting admirers. The place meant to become the Russian Versaille had very little in common with the French residence of Louis the XIV. The Upper Garden was a trivial vegetable garden and in the Lower Park the construction was in full swing.

A great architect Rastrelli later added a regal look to this location:
  • The Upper Garden was upgraded
  • The water supply system was finished off
  • Sculptural compositions and cascades were constructed in the Lower Park.

The Lower Park became the center of the architectural composition of Peterhof. The park was laid out in exquisite French mode with geometrically strict shapes, straight ally lines and even trimmings of greenery, lawns and trees.

St. Petersburg excursions will show you this beauty. The Lower Park is divided into two parts by the Sea Channel flowing into the Gulf of Finland. On both sides there are symmetrical alleys, multiple fountains, ponds, parquet flowerbeds, pavilions and household buildings. The square of the park is about 1000 hectares, with 150 fountains on its territory. The greatness of the imagination and the engineering genius of Peter the Great are striking. All tourists who have ever visited this park seek to come back here over and over again.

The Grand Palace is the jewel of the composition of Peterhof. Its facade stretches out for about 300 meters above the Lower Park. The upper palace by Leblon, Braunshtein and Mikketti were once on its place. This was the original place of Peter the Great’s rest. His daughter – Elizabeth decided to reconstruct the obsolete palace.

She commissioned Rastrelli for this important task and the palace was transformed in the shortest time possible. It shone in gold and was an example of the refined imperial taste, a source of envy for all foreign guests. St. Petersburg cruise excursion offers to visit this remarkable palace – a celebration of wealth and luxury, the embodiment of the success and prosperity of the Russian empire.

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