St Petersburg excursions

Private guided tour to Kunstkamera

From 41€

Schedule: Daily 10:00 — 16:00, Not available on Monday
Duration: 3 hours
Inclusions: Local guide (English/French| Italian/Spanish), transport & hotel pickup and drop-off, entrance tickets
No hidden fees – price includes all taxes.
Optional: Cruise Port pickup and drop-off
Cancellation: free of charge 3 days prior to your tour
Prices valid from 15.04.2018 to 25.10.2018


Some of the best places to visit in Russia are the unique local museums. During this individual tour in St. Petersburg you will learn that Kunstkamera is not only the first museum in St. Petersburg but also in the whole Russia. It should of course be the first museum visit that you make in St. Petersburg. This museum is a complete gallery of

  • anthropology and
  • ethnography.

Its ethnographic exposition tells about the history of origin of different ethnic groups and the household of peoples. The collection features the following ethnographic departments:

  1. “Japan”,
  2. “China and Mongolia”,
  3. “The Northern America”,
  4. “India and Indonesia”,
  5. “Africa”,
  6. “Australia and Oceania”.

Each of these departments is an exposition and an installation dedicated to the everyday life and culture of these peoples on various stages of their development.
Here are labor tools of the

  • primitive cultures,
  • ritual paraphernalia – totems,
  • depictions of gods and charms.

The installations represent the life situations that did take place:
✓ ritual dances,
✓ medical treatment by shamans
✓ episodes from the lives of the representatives of different nationalities and confessions.
Therefore Kunstkamera is an illustrative guide of the peoples inhabiting the planet.

☞ An individual tour in St. Petersburg to this museum will be of interest not only to those out of age but also to the kids visiting the city.

 Kunstkamera is very well-known in St. Petersburg Russia excursions for another department of the museum – the anthropology department that made Kunstkamera world famous.

Here the exhibits with anatomy defects: “freaks of nature” are on display.

☞ It is a collection of exhibits with very rare defects like a human baby with feet grown together like a mermaid’s tail, a double-headed lamb and Siamese twins.

The city owns this museum to Peter the Great who borrowed this idea as so many other ones from the West. He saw such chambers of oddities and rarities in England and Holland and ordered to establish a similar museum in St. Petersburg. He began to actively purchase such rare items from different parts of the world. Originally the collection was kept in his study and later it became a separate museum in the Summer Palace of Peter the Great. The name “Kunstkamera” derives from the German word indicating a closet where rare things are on display.

✓ At present Kunstkamera is part of the Museum of Antropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after Peter the Great. The museum is located on the University embankment. The collections are displayed on the five floors of the museum where each one of them is an enthralling travel to different parts of the world.