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St. Petersburg guide – the Pushkin with the Catherine palace and the Lyceum

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Pushkin with St. Petersburg guide: Catherine palace, Catherine Park, the Amber room and the Lyceum of the Tsarskoye Selo

Before the Russian revolution the present day town of Pushkin was called Tsarskoye Selo. It is located within half an hour drive away from St. Petersburg.

On the tour from St. Petersburg to Tsarskoye Selo with a visit of the Lyceum with St. Petersburg guide we are going to visit

The palace and park ensemble in Pushkin was founded as the Emperor’s residence and dates back to 1710. Undoubtedly, The Catherine palace and the Lyceum are the main landmarks of Pushkin and of the St. Petersburg shore excursions that take tourists there.

✓ Out of the many palaces located in and out of St. Petersburg the Catherine palace is the most pompous.
One of the reasons is the architectural style that the palace is built in. The style of the Russian baroque was chosen for this residence. Apart from this the gilded interior decoration adds up to the grandeur of the palace.
Many have already heard of the gilded suite of rooms in the Catherine palace of the Tsarskoye Selo. Generally a suite of rooms is a suite of rooms with the door frames located opposite each other on the same level.
☞  The suite of rooms is called the golden suite of rooms because the door frames are richly decorated with the gilded wood carving.

One of the of vivid impressions of the excursion trip to Tsarskoye Selo is of course the visit of the Amber Room of the palace with St. Petersburg guide

The square of the room is not large but the amber panels on the walls with the intricate natural pattern of the stone are amazingly included into the design executed by the masters and produce an indelible impression. One wants to look at these amazing amber designs for a long time.

☞ The palace in Tsarskoye Selo had many owners: starting from the wife of Peter the Great – Catherine the First to the last Emperor of Russia – Nicholas the Second. Many owners completed and rebuilt the palace. That is why many famous architects and painters worked here.
Many Russian tours are connected with the life of a famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. The palace is connected with a building that was constructed under the Tsar Alexander the First for an educational establishment through a gallery. Boys entered this school to become government officials.

But we know the Lyceum in Tsarskoye Selo as the place where the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin studied.

The tour of the Lyceum is very interesting; the guide will tell about

  1. the life of the students,
  2. about their legendary friendship, especially in the class of Pushkin.

Altogether the tour of Tsarskoye Selo with the Lyceum is very informative and educational. Whereas the tour of the Catherine palace is a visit which is a feast for the eyes, the story of the Lyceum is very interesting and touches your heart with the history and the beautiful poetry.