St Petersburg excursions

St. Petersburg City Tour by Night

From 30€

Schedule: daily 23:30 – 02:30; The bridges are only lifted during the navigation period: from May to November.
Duration: 3 hours
Inclusions: Local guide (English/French| Italian/Spanish), transport & hotel pickup and drop-off.
No hidden fees – price includes all taxes.
Optional: boat trip by Night, Cruise Port pickup and drop-off.
Cancellation: free of charge until 2 days before your reservation starts.

The bridges are only lifted late during the navigation period from April to November
Prices valid from 15.04.2018 to 25.10.2018


The St. Petersburg City Tour by Night will show you one of the most beautiful cities in the world due to the outstanding architecture and world scale history. One can easily make certain of that by visiting our city on the banks of the Neva at any time of the year with St. Petersburg tours.

The HOLARUSSIA team offers you to visit the cultural capital of Russia on a famous tour “St. Petersburg City Tour by Night”

The city looks mysterious and different than by day. The attractiveness of the St. Petersburg city night tour does not depend on the time of the year:
  • When the nights are dark from September to April the artistic lighting of the buildings and the trees showily turn the murky night St. Petersburg into a fairy-tale city
  • And from November to February when the city is preparing for Christmas and New Year holidays, the glint, the bright lights and the multi-colored glittering Christmas trees create festive mood and the holiday atmosphere of a miracle to come. The night St. Petersburg city  tour is on the night excursion that you can see the squares and palaces of St. Petersburg in a different light.

Few cities bear as many legends and myths as St. Petersburg.  Just the very fact that the city was being built on swamps was considered an evil sign by contemporaries. Unlike on other Russia tours we shall not retell the history of the city on the city tour by night since you already became familiar with it during the regular St. Petersburg city-tour. The St. Petersburg city tour by night will unveil some of the semi-fairytale stories of the city history, will tell its famous legends, about the ghosts still living in the mystic St. Petersburg.

✓ You may wonder – ghosts…what ghosts in the heart of a hectic city in the 21st century? But let’s mention some sad history episodes connected with those places of the route of the St. Petersburg by night tour and you will probably be convinced:

It is the sad story of Alexander the Second, murdered by the terrorists and the life story of the Emperor Paul the First who was destined to live in his newly-built castle for only 40 days…These are all well-known pages of the city chronicle. But the night St. Petersburg city tour will also uncover unknown facts for you.

The so-called “white nights” lend a special charm to the St. Petersburg city tour in the period from May to August:

  • This period is described in the works of many Russian and foreign classical writers as a romantic and sentimental time. It makes you want to embrace the night city forgetting the reality of the day
  • It is the time when night and day mend together when truth and fantasy blend together
  • It takes you to another world, where the sun never sets. Your dream does not dissipate with the light of day since there is no dawn.

The  St. Petersburg city tour by night invites you see the city from another perspective:

  1. You shall visit the Palace square where the Hermitage glimmers it its night lights
  2. You shall see the St. Isaac’s cathedral by night
  3. You shall see the Smolny cathedral
  4. You shall see the Taurida palace and other famous places of the city.

And first and foremost on the St. Petersburg city tour by night you shall get to see the lifting of the bridges. Even the colossal cast iron and concrete bridges of St. Petersburg come alive at night, a feast for the eyes for any onlooker. The bridges are only lifted late at night because traffic between the islands cannot be interrupted during the day.  It is a much admired attraction in the city when it takes just minutes for colossal cast-iron structures to fly above the water but it also has practical importance. Huge cargo ships pass under the lifted bridge spans. During the day they cannot pass under the bridges because they will not fit under because of their size. This attraction is part of the night St. Petersburg city tour if the tour takes place during the navigation period. Once even the bridges across the Moika and Fontanka rivers were draw bridges because still a few hundred years ago these rivers were navigable too.

✓ The night St. Petersburg city tour is more of an adventure than an educational experience. At night all of us are less serious and more open. The theme of the night tour echoes the state of your soul and the holiday bright lights lift your spirit. On the night St. Petersburg city-tour you can feel and experience the possible in the impossible and breathe in the freshness of the night of the legend-city – city of St. Petersburg.