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Private popular Russian tour to the Russian museum

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Schedule: Thu/ Sat /Sun 10:00 18:00; Wed 13:00 — 21:00; Mon 10:00 — 20:00. Not available on Tuesday
Duration: 3 hours
Inclusions: Local guide (English/French| Italian/Spanish), transport & hotel pickup and drop-off, entrance tickets
No hidden fees – price includes all taxes.
Optional: Cruise Port pickup and drop-off.
Cancellation: free of charge 4 days prior to your tour.
Prices valid from 15.04.2018 to 25.10.2018


On the most popular private Russian tours is the tour of the Russian museum. The Russian museum was founded by the emperor Alexander the Third and from the very beginning was housed in the Mikhailovsky Palace. The palace was constructed between 1819 and 1825 as a wedding gift to the Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich. The very famous Italian architect Carlo Rossi was the architect of this elegant building in the late classical style.

Private popular Russian tour to the Russian museum will show you this ceremonial building is the centre of the architectural composition of the square:

  1. The wide stairway entrance is adorned with bronze lions.
  2. The interior decor of the palace is no less festive and elegant.
  3. Some of the ceremonial halls and the stairway maintained its original design.

After the decease of the Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich the palace was owned by his wife Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna. Famous art and culture personalities were frequent guests of her salon. Later in 1894 the palace was bought out by the treasury. The emperor Nicholas the Second signed a decree establishing the Russian museum named after the tsar Alexander the Third the next year. The collection of the Russian museum was started by Alexander the Third, later including in the Soviet time many additions were made to the collection.

✓ The collection consists of the canvases of the Russian or foreign masters who lived and worked in Russia. Hence the museum is called – the Russian museum. The St. Petersburg shore excursions tour starts in the rooms where ancient Russian painting is displayed. Some of the paintings date back to as far as the tenth century!

The visitors of the private popular Russian tour to the Russian museum get acquainted with the ancient Russian art and then the tour proceeds to the exhibition of the Russian art of the 18th century. Here the real gems of the collection of the museum are displayed:

  1. Karl Brullov and his “The Last day in Pompeii”
  2. Ivan Aivazovsky “The Tenth Wave”
  3. Ivanov and his “Christ before Maria Magdalena”.

The masterpieces of the Russian painting made it to the museum from different private collections.

During the private popular Russian tour, thanks to the private collectors we can now admire the works of the Russian painters:

  • Venetsianov
  • Tropinin

Gradually the private popular Russian tour to the Russian museum takes you to the halls where the works of the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century are displayed:

  1. This is of course the famous name in the Russian painting – Ilya Repin. The expressive faces of the characters of his paintings “Barge Haulers on the Volga” and the “Zaporozhian Cossaks” will recur in your memory for a long time.
  2. This is Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov and the personages of his Russian fairy-tales.
  3. These are the Russian landscapes of Ivan Shishkin and his famous “Oak Trees”, with sun playing in their forage.
  4. This is the ‘Mellow Autumn” of Isaac Levitan featuring a tiny Russian village.

✓ Among the paintings of the 20th century we will encounter works by Brodsky, Petrov-Vodkin, Bogorodsky and others.

Visual perception is of course the main source of impressions during the private popular Russian tour. However it is very useful to learn about the history of the collection and the life of the renowned painters, the stories behind some of the paintings. During the the private popular Russian tour the guide will share the most valuable facts with you in a popular and entertaining manner. The guided tour of the Russian museum is one of the most sought after tours in St. Petersburg.

The exposition of the Russian museum in St. Petersburg displays all the main genres and varieties of the Russian art, its development in the different time periods. On this private popular Russian tour you shall discover the different schools and trends of the ten centuries of the Russian art.


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