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St. Petersburg private excursion of Alexander Pushkin, Russia

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Schedule: Daily 10:00 — 16:00, Not available on Tuesday
Duration: 4 hours
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The St. Petersburg private excursion visit to the apartment-museum located on 12 Moika Embankment is devoted to Alexander Pushkin – a famous poet, playwright, fairy-tale writer much loved by all Russians.

☞ Alexander Pushkin was born in Moscow but he spent a long period of his life here in our romantic city of St Petersburg. It was also here that his life was tragically cut short. Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was a true romantic, his poems and the bright pages of his life illustrate that.

Hence the topic and the route of the St. Petersburg shore excursions tour will affect you, draw the warmest feelings and certainly will not leave you indifferent.

Alexander Sergeevich moved to St. Petersburg from Moscow after he married his beautiful young wife – Natalia Nikolaevna. One of the possible reasons was the quarrel with the mother of his spouse: the mother-in-law regularly intervened with the life of the new family. The life in the capital at that time was not easy. The poet had already endured an exile. By the time he settled in St. Petersburg he already wrote many works including

  • the novel “Dubrovsky”,
  • the poems “The Bronze Horseman”,
  • “The Tale of the Priest and his Laborer “Balda”,
  • the verse novel “Eugene Onegin”.

Above all the Emperor Nicholas the First granted Pushkin a civil court title that was given to very young people only. At that time Pushkin was 35. This was an intended humiliation of Pushkin by the authorities worried by his freethinking. Pushkin commented the appointed title saying that it was granted to make his wife Natalia Nikolaevna be present at court balls. In fact the strikingly beautiful wife of the poet was favored by the Emperor Nicholas the First. To avoid unnecessary gossip and quarrels Pushkin tried to leave St. Petersburg: he asked to resign, he demanded a 3-4 leave’ leave. But his requests were rejected on various pretexts.

☞ Alexander Sergeevich and Natalia Nikolaevna had four children and on our St. Petersburg private excursion you will have an opportunity to witness their daily routine while visiting their apartment. You would not call their family life serene:

  • Pushkin was an impulsive jealous type,
  • the social engagements at court where their beautiful couple was the target of constant gossip and envy,
  • considerable debts and financial complications were the source of trouble and anxiety.

But it is in this atmosphere that Pushkin’s talent flourished and bore unforgettable and forever contemporary novels.

☞ Pushkin’s life was cut short in our city after a notorious duel on Chernaya rechka.

During our special interest St. Petersburg private excursion we will visit the place where Pushkin was deadly wounded on a duel where he stood for the honor of the woman he loved, his wife Natalia Nikolaevna.

Pushkin challenged Dantes to a duel several times, for the first time in November 1836. But an engagement of his rival with the sister of Natalia Nikolaevna was immediately announced. Alexander Sergeevich hoped that this wedding will stop and the obnoxious courtship of his wife by Dantes and the dirty gossip on her part and recalled the duel. But his expectations failed and the duel took place in January next year, the poet died on the 29th.

✓ Many people are familiar with the works and biography of Pushkin but on this St. Petersburg private excursions tour you shall see another Pushkin: you will see him as a loving husband and father. You shall visit the places in St. Petersburg which are glorified by him, where he encountered his muse – the sister of talent, where you will partially feel the atmosphere that surrounded the poet in St. Petersburg.