St Petersburg museums

St Petersburg Museums are known far beyond its borders and are its visiting card.  On our site we offer you guided tours in St Petersburg with a visit to the most interesting of them.

Why so much museums are in St Petersburg?

The city was built during the period of prosperity of the empire on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the construction was not chaotic, but according to a prearranged plan.  This is reflected in the rich architecture of the historic center buildings and in the even squares of the city streets.  It is impossible to get lost in Saint Petersburg!  St Petersburg is rich in museums and places of interest, which rightfully earned the name of the cultural capital of Russia.  About a century Saint Petersburg was lucky to be the capital of the Russian Empire, so here lived representatives of the most notable families, courtiers and grand dukes.  This affected the construction of a large number of palaces, many of which now houses the famous of St Petersburg museums.

What kinds of museum are in St Petersburg?

To date, the city has museums that were opened even under Peter the Great (this is, for example, the Kunstkamera), but there are modern museums and attractions.
For example, more recently,

  • the Faberge Museum
  • the show-museum “Grand-Model of Russia” appeared.

For today, the St Petersburg museums number more than 200 units.  Attractions and St Petersburg museums, which open their beauty to anyone, whether a resident of the city, idly strolling or hurrying on business or a guest who came to satisfy his curiosity.  Neither one nor the other can not pass without noticing the

  • sculpture Anichkov bridge with powerful figures of horses and their tamers,
  • the Trinity Bridge, conceived by the creator of the Eiffel Tower,
  • the monument to Catherine the Great in Catherine’s Garden,
  • the Alexander Column with an angel at an altitude of more than twenty-five meters,
  • decorating the Palace square,
  • pompous Winter Palace, stretching along the Neva …

This list can be listed indefinitely.  In addition to the museums of St Petersburg, who were born once, cozy and memorable places appear in the city to this day.  The pedestrian zone of Malaya Sadovaya Street became a kind of tourist attraction, and it appeared in the form in which we now know only at the very end of the last century – in 1999.

St Petersburg Museums have their own interesting history, reveal completely different topics and deserve attention.  That is why they are visited and loved by both residents and guests of Saint Petersburg.