The State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg


The State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg

The State Russian Museum: opening hours, address, admission, excursions

Opening hours of the State Russian Museum:

Mo 10:00-20:00
Tu closed
We, Fr, Sa, Su 10:00-18:00
Th 13:00-21:00

Sale of tickets in the State Russian Museum finishes 1/2 hour before closing time.


Inzhenernaya str, 4, St. Petersburg, Russia


Nevskiy Prospekt
Gostini Dvor


  • Adults (main building): 450 RUR (price for buying Online 9 euro)
  • Students: 200 RUR
  • Children under 16: free

Free entrance can not be obtained at the automatic machines or online.

Guided tour for individuals to the State Russian Museum

The State Russian Museum (main building)

Main building of the State Russian Museum

The Mikhailovsky Palace
The Benois Wing

Branches of the State Russian Museum  in the buildings that are outstanding

Mikhailovsky Garden Cabin of Peter the Great Stroganov Palace
Summer Garden Marble Palace Peter I’s Summer Palace
Mikhailovsky Castle

The State Russian Museum – visitor information

Why is The Russian Museum attracts many tourists from all over the world?

The Russian Museum in St. Petersburg consists of five branches, which are located separately from each other.  The main exposition is in the Mikhailovsky Palace. It is in the Russian Museum collected the largest collection of Russian art, so it attracts tourists from all over the world.  The museum has 410945 historical exhibits of Russian masters.

What are the most interesting things of the Mikhailovsky palace?

If you are lucky to visit the Mikhailovsky Palace in the warm season, be sure to stroll through the Mikhailovsky Garden.  Interesting is the fact that before the construction of this museum, there was simply a flat empty place, without any buildings.  When it was decided to build the Mikhailovsky Palace, the architect Carl Rossi decided to build not a millet palace, but a whole architectural ensemble.  The architecture of the palace is made in the style of high classicism, having a beautiful finish and spacious rooms.

What drawbacks can arise during the visit of the Russian Museum?

The most important difficulty is the availability of tickets.  You should take care of this in advance, so you do not have to spend long hours in line.  You can order tickets from a representative of our company Holarussia.  In addition to tickets to the museum, you can also book an advance guided tour in St. Petersburg in Russia.

Travel tips for visitors of the Russian Museum

☞ In addition to the main exposition of the Russian Museum in the Mikhailovsky Palace, you may also be interested in the Museum of Peter the Great’s Cabin, Mikhailovsky Castle, Stroganov Castle and the Marble Palace.  You can buy a ticket for a comprehensive visit in advance, which will allow you to visit the Main Exposition (in the Mikhailovsky Palace) and another palace to choose from.  A tourist guide in St. Petersburg will take you to the history of these attractions.

☞ To see all the exhibits of the Russian Museum, you need to spend a few days.  It will be best to choose those places that will interest you.  For this you can consult your tourist guide in St. Petersburg.

If you do not want to miss a lot of interesting things, while visiting the Russian Museum, book an excursion from Holarussia.

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